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Up-Gastrointestinal AI

AI-based system assisting the diagnosis and screening of upper gastrointestinal cancers


Upper gastrointestinal (UGI) cancers are among the most frequent malignancies with high worldwide incidence.Most patients are already in an advanced stage at the time of diagnosis. Gastroscopy and endoscopic biopsy are the gold standard for diagnosing UGI cancers.However, patients with UGI cancer often present with non typical endoscopic characterizations. GRAIDS, an artificial intelligence based system, has been developed to assist the diagnosis or screening of UGI cancers.

In order to facilitate junior doctors to learn the endoscopic performance of upper gastrointestinal tumors, we are going to continuously collect, catalogue typical images of related diseases, and gradually establish typical map of related diseases, which can be open assessed.

1 To facilitate the public to learn about common endoscopic performance of gastrointestinal tumors, we open system usage permission and provide data with classified labels for public downloading.

2 To promote the in-depth development and popularization of endoscopic artificial intelligence research in upper gastrointestinal tumors, as well as improve early diagnosis and treatment, we will provide a data set of over 100,000 marked images for non-commercial researchers and institutions.Please download the application form, and send a signed scan copy with official seal to lichaofeng@sysucc.org.cn. After approval, a download link will be provided to the applicant.

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2.The diagnosis provided by GRAIDS is mainly to assist , for final diagnosis please refer to your endoscopist or treating physician